It is important for people to know that limousine is in no ways the name of the brand of cars. It is actually a group of luxury vehicles possessing certain features. Limousines are larger than the standard cars and they have partitions between the passenger’s and the driver’s compartment for offering maximum privacy to the passengers. These partitions are sound proof and there is intercom for the passengers to communicate with the driver.

The Different Types Available

Modern limousines can be a limo bus, stretch SUV, motor coach or motor van. Nevertheless, there are two categories of limousines and they are the exotic limos and the traditional limos. The traditional limos are saloon cars or stretched sedans with extra legroom for passengers. Then there are the exotic limousines which are customised and one-of-a-kind vehicles with several fancy accessories for decorating the car interiors. It is to be noted that the price of limousines can vary as per the model and the make of the vehicle. Read more at