Limos or limousines are unique and unusual long luxury cars traditionally sporting white and black colours. Hey, might sometimes come in other colours such as grey, pink and blue. These are chauffeur driven cars generally associated with the privileged and the wealthy. These cars are generally linked with tycoons, Hollywood stars, groom and h bride on the wedding day and VIPs. Limousines are elegant add-ons that help in enhancing the festivity of different occasions and events. These are generally used for services like funerals, VIP airport transportation, school proms, weddings, birthday events, corporate parties, night-on-the-town, shopping, transport to and from cross town and resorts, clubbing and tour services.

Limousines are Not Just Meant for the Famous and the Rich

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that there are many celebrities who like using limousines for transportation. Often stars are seen climbing in and out of their limousines during red carpet events. However, this does not mean that limousine services are only for the famous and the rich. Limousines can also serve as one of the most effective modes of transportation for business travellers and families. For families on a vacation, limousines serve as one of the most flexible and convenient modes of transport. Read more at