Are Limousine Only For Special Occasions


The word “Limousine” comes from the French word “Limousin” referring to the long luxury cloaks which were once worn by the shepherds in the French countryside.


Historians have defined limousine as an extension of a huge sedan. Wheelbase and longer frames offer the rear passenger compartment for containing

Great Space

The generally forwards facing seat but with great space for the foot. There are a couple of jump seats mounted and the face rearwards behind the driver.

Luxury Limousines

The seat scan easily is folded up when they are not being used.Luxury limousines generally have the capacity of carrying a total of seven passengers along with the driver.

The Seating Capacity Of Limousines

However, the newer models in this category like the Audi A8L, Maybac 62, Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac DTS and the Hummer H2 do not have such limousines. It is to be noted that the limousines feature expensive and good quality audio players, TV, bars, refrigerators and video players.

Limousines Used For Special Occasions

There are a large number of people who associate limousines with weddings and school proms. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that these luxury cars are ideal for such special events but there are other occasions when limos are a good choice. For example, limousines can best be used for travelling to and from the airport. They also serve as one of the most excellent alternatives for getting groups of people to certain sports events or concerts or simply a night out in the town.

  Different Types of Limousines

Defining a limousine is not an easy thing to do. This is because it is a luxury car and there are several features that require proper description when it comes to describing the car. Such features include design, comfort, price and prestige. Luxury cars like limousines provide a higher level of comfort in comparison to the other cars widely available throughout the market. They come with highly sumptuous and elegant interiors accented by exclusive designs. They have all the general amenities.

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It is important for people to know that limousine is in no ways the name of the brand of cars. It is actually a group of luxury vehicles possessing certain features. Limousines are larger than the standard cars and they have partitions between the passenger’s and the driver’s compartment for offering maximum privacy to the passengers. These partitions are sound proof and there is intercom for the passengers to communicate with the driver.

The Different Types Available

Modern limousines can be a limo bus, stretch SUV, motor coach or motor van. Nevertheless, there are two categories of limousines and they are the exotic limos and the traditional limos. The traditional limos are saloon cars or stretched sedans with extra legroom for passengers. Then there are the exotic limousines which are customised and one-of-a-kind vehicles with several fancy accessories for decorating the car interiors. It is to be noted that the price of limousines can vary as per the model and the make of the vehicle. Read more at

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3. Choosing The Right Luxury Car To Hire – What you want to do is decide how many people are likely going to be in the vehicle because if it’s just going to be you and maybe one person, then go for a two-seat super car, and if you’re bringing the entire family to Dubai, then rent a Hummer or another large vehicle that will fit everyone comfortably. The choice is really up to you, but the key to finding the ideal luxury car to hire in Dubai is to compare as many makes and models as possible and then make your decision. Don’t forget to compare prices too because some luxury cars are more affordable to hire than others.

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One factor to be seriously considered when traveling to any city, is how you will plan your travel needs. Certainly, you may decide to rely on the public transport network within the city to get you from A to B, however this many not be the ideal choice for your personal circumstances.

Perhaps you have decided that you would like to opt for luxury car rental in Paris and are unsure of how to choose a company that can suitably match your needs. The steps below should lend you a helping hand in choosing the right company for your visit.

Only Consider Reputable Companies

When searching for luxury car rental in France’s capital, like if you want to rent a Lamborghini in Paris, you will quickly see that the options are abundant. However, don’t be tempted to simply consider any company from the list. Make sure that you research companies which you are considering to make sure that they have a great reputation.

It doesn’t need to be too difficult to find out the type of reputation that a company has. A quick read of a few forums and review sites will quickly help you to understand how previous clients felt about the service they received.

Make A Few Phone Calls

A good way to judge whether a luxury car rental company in Paris is the right one for you, is to analyse how they handle contact from a potential client. Once you have a short list of potential companies give each one a call and describe your needs and and requirements. Pay close attention to how helpful the assistant is, whether they seem passionate about the luxury car business and how sure they are that they can fully deliver on your needs.

Certainly, a trip to the wonderful city of Paris has the potential to be nothing short of spectacular. For business trips, the city is crammed with possibilities and ventures. For romantic getaways and family vacations, there is a wide choice of fun activities, cultural experiences and exciting attractions. Of course, while visiting the culinary city of Paris you should also remember to enjoy sampling the fine food and drink on offer in the numerous restaurants scattered throughout the city.

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Limos or limousines are unique and unusual long luxury cars traditionally sporting white and black colours. Hey, might sometimes come in other colours such as grey, pink and blue. These are chauffeur driven cars generally associated with the privileged and the wealthy. These cars are generally linked with tycoons, Hollywood stars, groom and h bride on the wedding day and VIPs. Limousines are elegant add-ons that help in enhancing the festivity of different occasions and events. These are generally used for services like funerals, VIP airport transportation, school proms, weddings, birthday events, corporate parties, night-on-the-town, shopping, transport to and from cross town and resorts, clubbing and tour services.

Limousines are Not Just Meant for the Famous and the Rich

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that there are many celebrities who like using limousines for transportation. Often stars are seen climbing in and out of their limousines during red carpet events. However, this does not mean that limousine services are only for the famous and the rich. Limousines can also serve as one of the most effective modes of transportation for business travellers and families. For families on a vacation, limousines serve as one of the most flexible and convenient modes of transport. Read more at